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People say that money doesn't make you happy, but from experience, I can tell you that not having enough money is not fun either. Sometimes getting a quick loan can be just the trick to get you back on your feet. This site is all about how to get loans and financing for small amounts of money and a short time when you just need a little more cash to tide you over and pay some bills. I like to be able to feel confident that all of my bills are paid and be able to put food in the fridge, without putting my family's finances in crisis.

How To Save Costs When Applying For A Car Loan


Saving cash to purchase your first car can prove daunting. If a vehicle is more of a necessity than a luxury, you should consider taking a car loan. It is a convenient option to finance your first car purchase. The article below details some interventions that can help you save costs as you take your first car loan. 

Meet the Credit Score Requirements 

The credit score is a computation that helps banks determine your credit score. Ideally, the score increases once you take and repay loans on time. People who have never taken loans or those who do not repay loans have a low credit score. As such, financial institutions often charge them a higher interest rate as they apply for a loan. If your low credit score is caused by poor loan repayment history, the best approach would be to repay existing loans. If you have never taken a loan, consider smaller loans such as applying for a credit card or a fast cash loan. 

Go For A Newer Car Model

When issuing a car loan, the financier examines the probability of recouping the loaned amount if you default on the loan. Therefore, they could charge a higher interest if you plan to buy a vehicle in deplorable condition or a model that is hard to sell. The vehicle's resale value could also benefit you, the borrower. Suppose you no longer need the loaned vehicle; you could opt to sell the vehicle to clear the debt. If the car has a high resale value, you could sell it, settle the loan, and have some cash in hand. 

Negotiate The Interest Rates and Terms

Unknown to most borrowers, lenders allow you to negotiate the interest rates and loan conditions. So how do you negotiate? The rule is to ensure you meet the eligibility criteria for the car loan. This way, you have the upper hand since any lender would be willing to finance the purchase. Then, examine the interest rates and loan application costs of the different lenders. As you approach a lender, negotiate the interest rate by pitting them against another lender. It is a sure way to compel them to offer the loan. Your car loan should have reasonable terms. For example, if you predict the interest rates will reduce in the future, go for a variable rate car loan. Besides, the financier should allow you to restructure the loan to suit your needs.

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20 July 2022