4 Things to Think About Before Getting a Car Loan on Behalf of Your Child


When your child reaches the legal driving age, it's pretty much certain that they'll be pestering you for their first car. After all, they can't borrow yours forever – if you let them drive it at all – and they're pretty unlikely to be able to afford to buy their own vehicle while still young. Unfortunately, not everyone has piles of cash lying around in savings, leaving them unable to just go out and pay for their child's first car in full.

27 September 2017

Paying off debts from an insolvent business


With rising rates of business failure in Australia, there are many business owners who are shutting down their business who need to understand how to close down their business legally and resolve any outstanding owed money. If you are bankrupting your business you need to make some decisions about how you will discharge any debts and pay any creditors. Here are some important steps to follow when you are bankrupting a business.

28 April 2017

What You Need to Know About Low Doc Car Loans


If you are a small business owner or self-employed, you may have limited options in terms of accessing finance options. For instance, when you need a car loan, you may find yourself with less or limited documents such as the financial documentations and tax returns that are often required during loan application. A low doc (low documentation) car loan will help you overcome this lack of documentation obstacle when applying for the loan.

20 March 2017