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3 Steps To Get Approved For A Caravan Loan


If you're an avid camper or outdoorsy person, then a caravan can be a great investment for you and your family. But whether you buy new or second hand, these motor homes don't come cheap. You may not have the budget to pay for the caravan outright, which is why a loan will help you achieve your dream now. Here are some steps to help you get approved for a caravan loan.

Maintain Good Credit History

While lenders may not be as strict with your credit history requirements as they are with housing loans, you still need to maintain a good credit history to be approved for caravan finance without any major conditions. You can check your score using the government-approved credit rating agencies listed here. You will need to provide some personal information in order to access your credit report. This will help you ascertain whether you will be approved or not for a caravan loan. In some cases, you will likely be able to access the report without charge.

Make Sure You Have A Price Range For The Caravan In Mind

It's important that you assess the price range of the caravan you have in mind as costs can vary drastically based on different models and whether old or new. You will need to assess how much money you need to borrow based on this price range. For example, if you have a certain percentage of the caravan price in savings, then you may only need to borrow the rest. If you don't have anything in savings, then you may need to borrow the entire amount. Look at different options to get an idea of how much finance you will actually need. Additional costs like insurance and registration should also be factored in.

Consider Hiring A Caravan Finance Broker

With so many lenders out there, it can be hard for individuals to find something competitive on their own. A caravan finance broker is an expert in the field and will have access to a range of lenders, allowing you to compare between different rates and choose the most competitive one without much difficulty. Brokers are well equipped to shop around and identify lenders that can offer you lower interest rates and more flexible loan options to meet your specific needs without you needing to do all the work.

Getting approved for a caravan loan isn't always as straightforward as you think because several factors are involved; follow these tips in order to get the loan you want.


12 June 2018