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People say that money doesn't make you happy, but from experience, I can tell you that not having enough money is not fun either. Sometimes getting a quick loan can be just the trick to get you back on your feet. This site is all about how to get loans and financing for small amounts of money and a short time when you just need a little more cash to tide you over and pay some bills. I like to be able to feel confident that all of my bills are paid and be able to put food in the fridge, without putting my family's finances in crisis.

Top Products to Look for When Applying for an Emergency Fast Cash Loan


When a financial emergency pops up, a quick loan can be a godsend. However, different lenders have varying approval timelines, and you must keep this in mind when looking for a fast cash loan. Additionally, you should understand that loan processing times stated by some lenders are just estimates and the exact wait period depends on the bureaucracies the lender has in place. Therefore, while the processing time, repayment period, and interest rates are critical considerations when applying for a fast cash loan, do not ignore products that a lender offers. Here are unique fast cash loan products you should look for in a lender.

Co-Signed Loan

Most people think that fast cash loan lenders do not care much about a borrower's credit score. However, it is not true because lenders still need to rely on credit scores when approving fast cash loans. The only difference with traditional lenders is that fast cash lenders are not overly strict. Therefore, if your creditworthiness is lacking, the chances are high that a lender will not approve your loan. If you are in such a situation, look for a lender who allows a co-signed fast cash loan. The product enables two people to apply for the same fast cash loan, with both parties being responsible for repayment. Therefore, you can look for a close friend or relative with a better credit score to be your co-applicant. Besides, co-signed fast cash loans attract lower interest rates.

On-Time Payment Rewards

Anyone looking for a fast cash loan intends to repay the full amount plus interest. Notably, you might need the services of a previous lender; therefore, maintaining a sound repayment track is crucial. Such dedication should be rewarded; hence, some lenders increase the amount of loan you are eligible for if you maintain an excellent repayment record. Others let you defer payment by extending the loan term by a specific period. Such rewards help lighten the burden of loan repayment.

Auto-Pay Discount

Quick research on fast cash lenders reveals that borrowers can repay fast cash loans as a lump sum or in weekly and monthly payments. Notably, the repayment structure you choose is a matter of preference. However, you will be surprised to learn that some lenders offer discounts on fast cash loans where a borrower enrols in automatic weekly or monthly repayments. Although such discounts might seem negligible for small amounts, they can add up to huge savings over time if you are a frequent borrower.

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14 July 2021